Welcome to The Rebirth of My Life!

Everyone seeks an outlet in some unique shape or form of their choice. Unlike many I think I have found mine. But, of course, I am not going to settle down for this… I think I forgot to mention what this outlet is for me… Okay, so I guess I will share my secret with you. And, please feel free to share this with a friend or two it may help them.

My outlet is writing in a journal form, documenting each thought at the time and date it reveals itself to me. To focus on my thoughts on a deeper level and how I am feeling I also write poetry. Nobody has seen my journal or have read my poetry. This is all going to change with this blog. I’ve finally opened the door to let you all in to explore the intense world I live in and gain insight on the thoughts that scramble in my head. This blog will take you through my mental illness journey and recovery.

So what’s my story? A little piece is in every entry. My full story can be found here.

Disclaimer: I do not like to write. ONLY when I am troubled.  My goal is to raise mental illness awareness.

Raise awareness. Stop the stigma. Save a life.

Sending positive vibes your way!


113 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thanks for the visit and following! I’m looking forward to our interaction.
    Mental illness is a subject that’s touched my heart and I’ve written poetry about it too. Observing and knowing the signs are important, from the obvious to the very subtle ones. I believe it’s easier to grab ones attention and draw them in with the poetry. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to reach and educate as many as possible. We trying in our own ways enlighten the masses :) Lulu

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    1. Of course. Documenting the time allows me to easily identify time patterns when I either feel happy down sad irritated bothered etc. Sending positive vibes your way – Phoenix


  2. The one common thing I assign to my clients is to keep a journal and to write daily. Not only is it an outlet for thoughts and feelings. But it also allows them to see patterns and connections and discover those things they would like to work on.

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    1. Yes exactly! That is what was encouraged during my last hospitalization. It has helped me tremendously to track my moods and illness. Thanks for helping others like me it is people like you I thank for help saving lives. -Phoenix


  3. Thanks, again for reading my blog. I do appreciate all those who take the time to read anything I place there. I am looking forward to continue reading your blog as well. I find you to be very transparent and honest, which is a wonderful trait to have. :)

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  4. You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write.
    The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
    Always go after your heart.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot to me to hear from my viewers that I’ve helped them in some shape or fashion. Sending positive vibes your way – Phoenix


  5. Hello, thanks for the visit and liking! I’m new here, and looking forward to reading all the wonderful blogs everyone has. I’m reading bits from your blog right now, and I love that sentence already- “Stop the stigma”. Happiness is really a great weapon and your blog already gives off the positive vibes already.
    Thank you again. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Really looking forward to defeating out my own mental darknesses with the help of some wise words I’m finding out here.


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    1. You are welcome and welcome to the Blogsphere.it is a great place to share your story receive positive feedback, words of encouragement, and hope to move forward in life. Sending positive vibes your way – Phoenix


  6. Hi, thank you for liking my work. I’m new to this, and not to down myself but I know I’m far from being good in writing, so I really appreciate for anybody who read what I wrote. Thanks again.. :) by the way…I also like your blogs, it’s mind opening. :)

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  7. Hey thanks for visiting, liking and following my blog! I have been reading yours and I think we are pretty similar except, I think I love writing I just hate that I can only write when I’m down. I love reading your thoughts….keep it up! :-)


  8. Hello – Thanks very much for visiting and following my blog. I’m just exploring yours and am truly in awe of your courage, strength and honesty. I did not imagine when I first started my poetry blog that it would connect me with so many inspiring and courageous people. I’m learning quite a lot here, so keep on sharing. Best wishes.

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    1. Hello and Welcome to Phoenix-The Rebirth of My Life. I really do appreciate your courage to take the time to look through my entries and poetry to understand why I created my blog. It means a lot to me when others read my journal and provide me with feedback. Thank you again and Sending positive vibes your way -Phoenix


  9. Thank you for following my new blog. More importantly, THANK YOU for the work you do to help stop the stigma of mental illness. Each of us telling our story is how we help stop stigma and save lives.

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  10. Thank you for visiting my blog… but even more thank you for sharing your insights and experience on your blog. Reading through your posts is enlightening… I appreciate your words ❤


  11. Yes! I’m happy to see someone else journaling their feelings on rough days. It seems like this has been very helpful for you. It has been for me as well. I do not have a mental illness, but I have always had tendencies similar to Asperger’s Syndrome. So, I have become a mental health advocate as well. It great to see someone else fighting the stigma. I look forward to reading your blog.


  12. I can understand with your need. I often write in order to examine and explore my humanity and its emotions in full. I like to say that I write just for myself, and sometimes that is true. But other times, having someone like it, understand it and offer perspectives is the best kind of validation. It’s better than any other kind of compliment, as for me — words draw forth directly from the soul.


  13. Hi Phoenix, Thanks so much for the follow. It means a lot to me. :) Although mine is still in her infancy, I’m hoping to have many more resources and articles posted soon. It’s horrible that so many things come out of left field that keep it from happening sooner.

    Have a great night. I’m going to explore for a little while. Eva


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