Welcome to The Rebirth of My Life!

Everyone seeks an outlet in some unique shape or form of their choice. Unlike many I think I have found mine. But, of course, I am not going to settle down for this… I think I forgot to mention what this outlet is for me… Okay, so I guess I will share my secret with you. And, please feel free to share this with a friend or two it may help them.

My outlet is writing in a journal form, documenting each thought at the time and date it reveals itself to me. To focus on my thoughts on a deeper level and how I am feeling I also write poetry. Nobody has seen my journal or have read my poetry. This is all going to change with this blog. I’ve finally opened the door to let you all in to explore the intense world I live in and gain insight on the thoughts that scramble in my head. This blog will take you through my mental illness journey and recovery.

So what’s my story? A little piece is in every entry. My full story can be found here.

Disclaimer: I am not a writer.Β  I use my words and personal experiences to connect with my readers on an emotional level.

My goal is to raise mental illness awareness.

Raise awareness. Stop the stigma. Save a life.

Sending positive vibes your way!



144 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I just love blogs about how to be happy, everyone’s happiness lies in different things, but it’s always amazing when people share what helps them deal with things because it gives the rest of the world ideas. Keep on writing!

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Raise mental illness awareness. Stop the stigma. Save a life.

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