Only Time Will Tell

A tiny seed that flourishes into something
greater than itself.
It has no knowledge of whether it is going
to grow tall or short,
or turn shades of pink, blue, or yellow.
Only time will tell.
It is planted in warmth soil
full of love from its maker.
And nurtured from the surrounding seeds.
Their energy radiates off from one another and
transform life to this particular seed to grow
into something greater than itself.
Day in and day out,
Only time will tell.
Water touches the seed
and tears of joy, laughter, and pain
The tiny seed begins to sprout.
Churning and anticipating its outlook on life.
But, only time will tell.
The rays from the sun extend and it
grows and turns into
a beautiful flower.
And it’s this flower created from a tiny seed
that touches the lives of everyone around it.
A tiny seed that had no clue of what its life
was going to be,
took the time to accept what life
had in store for thee.


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