The Drops

June 11,2014 11:40pm

Teardrops falling o so swiftly upon my uneven skin. Bouncing back into the day-breaking sun being rejected by the rays it makes laugh to hear it say,

“You o so kind one kindred and tenderhearted do not belong here find another place to bury yourself to call a home.”

Wait…it’s not a teardrop for some odd reason I must have mistaken the lonely drop to be someone’s pit tear but perhaps it is just  a mellow raindrop releasing the built up anger stored in the mid-days cloud.

“Release me,” it screams.

“No,” the sky bellows. You belong in my with me until I feel and know it is the right time for you to go. No need to ruin someone’s day let the sun shine just a little bit will ya?

The raindrop had no response but to just stick in the cloud and watch the ants below swim in their glory.


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