327 lbs

June 18, 2014 9:23 pm

Stepped on the scale for the first time today.
I gained a total of 2XX lbs.
Putting me at whopping 327 lbs.
Looking in the mirror this morning was the hardest thing to do.
I waddle now.
I think I counted a total of 3 chins below the 1 chin I once had three months ago.
I officially have sausage fingers.
Nobody is going to want to put a ring on this finger now.
I have to roll to get out of bed.
I cannot see my toes.
The biggest thing beneath my nose is my stomach.
Where did all of this weight come from?
Several things.
Depression is at the center of it all.
Followed by low self-esteem and the list goes on.
Now I have to drop this 2XX lbs.
First thing that comes to mind is to stop eating. Drop everything and anything and stop eating.
But how can I when the only thing that will listen to me during this hard time is the mac n cheese and ice cream sandwiches.
Wait a minute…
I think the scale is broken…
Okay now the scale is reading 1XX lb.
That is not right.
I am bigger than this.
Fatter than this.
Hold up…
The mirror is fogging up in front…of…me…
Let me erase this condensation.
That’s better.
Oh my lanta…
The person standing in front of me is bigger than I actually thought.
See my reflection will never deceive me.
This scale is putting me to shame.
Now, back to my 0.0125 grams of lettuce and 8 oz glass of water.


2 thoughts on “327 lbs”

    1. The bbb blogger,

      I appreciate your words of encouragement. I am taking it one day at a time. Your comment turned my gray day into a bright one. I hope you too have a beautiful day!



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