Four Eyes.

May 29th, 2014 9:45 am

Four eyes
four eyes
I still cannot see
what this life has in store for me.
Is there a light in front of me
or could it just be
the glare that’s fair upon a tree?
That’s standing alone and cannot see
Why is this bee standing right in front of me?
Is it friend of is it foe?
Does it truly want to get to know
what character really lie within?
Is it hiding deep below the heart in the depths of my soul?
Waiting for the right time to come out from underneath the bowl.
It’s cold.
I cannot grow.
To show the anger that has consumed me
from the dark sea blue depression.
In the end, yearning for a life of purple peace and apple green for “home-y” hope.
So while on this boat trying to ride with the sea
I hope to sing my story to the wind.
Four eyes
Four eyes
Now I can see
Where this life is going me.


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