June 29, 2014 12:07 pm

My soul leads me to the place where I first met my illness.
It aches as I take a step closer to the site where my brain and heart became one.
They turned against me and removed the goodness from within.
The goodness turned  into immorality;
corrupting my mind to erase my vision for the future.
Here I am at this place standing on fertile ground,
sinking in the fountain of my youth.
I am standing in the puddle of the tears from the ones I’ve hurt.
I have made contact with my oasis.

The illness is in business with the souls of the meek.
And I am one of them.
It beseeched me to take my life and to shed the treacherous tears of the present;
making contact with the delicate drops of the ones I’ve hurt.
I am sinking in my oasis.

As I continue to walk through the abandoned desert of my life,
I walk on the cracks of my back.
Crushing my internal organs
releasing the effortless tears from my eyes.
They fall through the bare cracks of my heart,
which bears my name.
Cementing the same water-like composition of my teardrop,
it drys the moist hole in the ground beneath my feet
generating a solid earth for my stiff feet to walk on.
My toes make contact with a soft green spot
transferring peace through my veins.
I have found my oasis.

This peace circulates throughout my body
reviving the beat of my heart
re-birthing my mind, body, and spirit.
My soul is caught in a net.
A safety net to protect me from the rigid battles of life.
My soul can now escape the rigor mortis of death.
I am in my oasis.


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