Cheers to My Freedom.

July 4th, 2014  1:48 pm
Happy Independence Day United States of America!

Give me peace.
To be at ease with my soul.
To grow old and seek liberty and justice for all.
To face the cold and bear separation from the weak-minded.
To be bold and wear the wounds of the robust.
To be boastful in my beliefs and break the barriers of my dependence.
To seek independence and grant righteousness to the right.
To praise the bright and shed light upon the meek.
To rise above the norm and fight the status quo.
To be a dove and plant the seeds of forgiveness.
To be free for the Deebie Downer’s and give hope to the restless.
To unlock the vault and spread openness throughout the nation.
To remove the stigma and turn the stingers on the censorious.
To have the power to object domination and burn the rumors of the past.
Here’s to my vision;
Cheers to my freedom.

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