23 thoughts on “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

      1. There are many other solutions, you have a life, you have friends here, you have an amazing mind. Never forget that. Phoenix, i love your blogs. They are from the heart and i feel your pain. Never stop.

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  1. Kelli reach out and find a person who will see you thru these hard times. You need not suffer alone.. Suicidal Idealizations is a symptom of BPD.. Know it as such.. I’ve given you my e-mail should you want help.. Be good to tourself

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment. Actually it is people/followers like you who make me stronger for taking the time to read and show me love: something that I do not get from anyone at the moment.
      Thanks again – Phoenix


  2. Thank you so much for your very honest and helpful post! Maybe you could also have some ways that you yourself could try and fight back against your suicidal thoughts and perhaps convince yourself to delay the implementation of your plan? For example when I was feeling really suicidal in June this year it got so bad that I couldn’t trust myself around so many objects around me and in my house! Subsequently I removed all objescts I deemed dangerous from my bedroom myself and put them downstairs.

    I also think that when you are suicidal the worst thing that you can do is be alone and maybe you could try to stop yourself from isolating yourself so much even if it is hard?

    When I kept having suicidal urges ALL the time, (literally wherever I went I had to stop myself from killing myself in various different ways) I would continuously phone people and stay on the phone to people when I was on my own on the way to see people and I met up with some of my best friends and my godmother because (A) I could not trust myself to be alone and was absolutely terrified to be alone, and (B) It was good to have some comfort and to feel that I am loved.

    Personally I find that it is good to have just ONE reason that you completely believe to be true that you tell yourself when you feel suicidal or when you start to think life is just too difficult and you would rather sleep forever. Mine is that I think I am one of the view who cares enough to really make a difference and change the world human rights wise. I see this as the purpose of my existence and also the only way I can allow myself to exist because I see too much of the terrible injustice in the world, (my counsellor said I have no filter), so I have to believe that the world can be changed. Therefore I feel absolutely terrible whenever I think about killing myself because I think, “What if everyone who actually cares about important causes and things committed suicide?”.

    However I do understand that things can get so bad to the point where you just feel like it is the only option because you really cannot deal with the pain and the urges are hard for even the strong people like you and I to deal with. Maybe in that kind of situation you could try and have a plan that you would tell yourself to see your therapist immediately? Or at least talk on the phone to a suicide hotline and then see your therapist when they can see you? Even if you cannot get the thoughts out of your head and have a plan you could still just say that you are delaying it.


  3. Whilst it may be a permanent solution for the one that ends their life, it is like handing your loved ones a coffin – what a cruel gift for those left behind. Losing Lachlan and Becky just about undid me – Becky was one of my closest friends at highschool in 2008 and instead of having a happy time as a newly wed Summer 2004/2005, I was a mess – mourning the loss of her. Lachlan’s death swept through our family like a bushfire, destroying most of us in its path. We had to build ourselves up from the ashes somehow but we will never be able to get back my precious cousin. He was just 29. Becky was 24. Please think about others – it may be a way out for you but think about the mess you will leave for everyone else. Choose life. Jesus bought you with his blood- your freedom was bought at the highest cost there is. He will give you the strength to find your purpose – you were made uniquely and wonderfully. I don’t know you personally but I care for you and I want you to fly again. You can do it. One of the best things I did was get a pet to look after – something to depend on you. My cat is such a comfort when I am low.
    Also, you may feel that every activity just leaves you restless and dissatisfied, but if there is anything at all that helps (which is not harmful), consider it worthwhile for your wellbeing. You are worth it.

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    1. I thank you so much for sharing your story with me I am greatly touched and sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel I lost my best friend for several years who was only 21 to suicide on March 26th of this year. My life and myself went down a dark path which triggered every single mental illness I pretend to ignore and hide for 8 years. Thanks for telling me I am worth it; it is the little things like that that reassures my presence here on earth. Sending positive vibes and love your way -Phoenix.


      1. Oh Phoenix – that explains heaps; losing a friend to suicide such a short time ago would have sent you in a massive downward spiral- I totally get where you are coming from. I do recall some dark days where I wished it was me in Becky’s place. It was because it felt like no one – not even my husband, understood what pain I was suffering. The same thing happened with my grieving for Lachlan except that time, I sought the help of a grief counsellor and it made the world of (positive) difference. Because I believe in and follow Jesus I chose a lady who I knew would counsel me in a way which helped me draw strength from my faith. You are worth it- doesn’t hurt to hear it again :).
        Check out these posts: http://mamasongs.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/yes-you-are-good-enough/


  4. Suicide is not a solution. It is a delusion-escape from a condition that seems eternally miserable. Who knows what is at the other end?


  5. It depends on whether you think things will ever get better I think. Or the feasibility of things looking up because sometimes I actually do think people are stuck and in that case why suffer? I’m not saying to commit suicide please understand I just think that sometimes people don’t understand the extent of what others are really feeling. The feeling of hopelessness is drowning. What if you can’t see anything but struggle for the rest of your life? What if you try to not struggle and you find a partner who you think understands you then it turns out they think you are lazy and stuck in your ways and they think they can’t see any improvement even though you are pouring your heart and soul out to try. In that case I think there’s no point trying then because it seems the world cannot see your effort and things will never change despite anything. In that case suicide is a permanent solution to an in built permanent problem.


  6. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, reason for, genesis behind, etc. All that matters is that a human being, who has the right to choose his/her own fate, decided that suicide was the best, or soon will be the best, decision for said fate. There’s no reason, there’s no justifying, there’s no rationalization, it just is, simply is: fact. Let go of attachment to or judgment of and simply accept it is what it is and move on with your own life knowing that you too deserve to be free of judgment for whatever decisions you make as well.

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    1. Hi thanks for comment and your opinion I know that I have the right to end my life if I see no way outt that’s just my personal belief I’ve accepted it and I’ve moved on but I know one day I won’t always be around. Thanks for the comment again


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