In All Honesty, I Love You.

July 11, 2014  7:51 PM

This is a follow-up poem to the letter I wrote to a very special someone who has played an instrumental role in my recovery. He is currently away at  his big summer internship up North, but contacts me every now and then. I think he knows about my blog, but not the fact I’ve written about him almost twice now. Anyway, he is very special to me and a great friend. Enjoy! & No, we are not dating!

In all honesty,
I thank you for listening to me
Being there for me
Singing to me
Holding me
And protecting me from the eye the storm;
But I must go.

In all honesty,
I praise you
For the kind words
The cards
The letters
The dates
The mix-tape of my favorite songs
The tattoo on your fair skin;
But I have to go.

In all honesty,
I am in love with you
For you and only you
For your humor
Your affectionate smile
Courageous heart
Contagious laugh;
But it is time for me to go.

In all honesty,
I am here for you
Only you
Because if it were not for you
I do not even think I would be alive.
Thinking of you day and night
Simply adds an extra beat and pep to my miniature step
To continue to walk this ‘every-day’ Earth.

In all honesty,
I want to be with you
Only you
You honestly keep me alive.

So in all honesty,
I thank you
Only you
Because of you
I no longer have the urge to go.

14 thoughts on “In All Honesty, I Love You.”

  1. What a lovely poem, and how important your ‘only you’ must be. Your ‘only you’ may be your earthly ‘only you’ for whom sleeping and waking really matters. But there is another ‘only you’ our heavenly Father. For you do matter!!

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  2. This is absolutely lovely. I know with my struggles with chronic illness and the depression etc that goes along with it my honey has been my rock. Having that one person can make all the difference. Being loved and loving in return is worth living for and makes all this other stuff worth surviving.

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