My Death Wish

July 11, 2014  9:23 AM

Star-light, star-bright
First shining star I see tonight,
Please remain tight
And fight the night
To forever shine bright
Upon the ones I love tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the kiss I wish tonight.
To be abyss
And keep the bliss
Upon my lips
And hug the widths of my thick hips.

I want  to go in peace;
To be at ease
This prosperous season
And fight the reason
To stay here next season.
Let me sit at the dock of the bay
And mock the ones who gave me the okay.

I see the flood
Of my precious blood
Pouring out from deep within.
I want to be thin
And evaporate into space;
Let me escape to The Great Escapade.
To be the bait for the sea of Clown-fish
And remain amiss
To forever keep my bliss.
Where is the kiss to keep me out of this ditch?

Star-light, star-bright
First shining star I see tonight,
Where is my sight?
Let’s not fight.
Put me on a string
To fly away like a kite.

I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this death wish I wish tonight.
Take my breath
And steal my faith
Do not release me on a one million dollar bail,
Throw nickel-sized hail at my face
I do not have a mace
To face tomorrow.
I am full of such sorrow
And cannot borrow
Something blue,

I am blue
And have the flu.
Wrap me up into a tiny cocoon.

I am unstable
And I belong in a wild stable
For the animals to feast on my unhealthy flesh;
We do not mesh.
I need to be aborted;
I am not supported.
Take me off your life support;
I do not need your wealthy support.

Star-light, star-bright
First shining star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Can you please take my fiery life tonight?


9 thoughts on “My Death Wish”

  1. I find myself wishing such things quite often. I don’t have the free guilted heart to take my own life so I wish that someone or something else will.

    But then I think. And I wonder, what would life without me be like? Some people need me. And I need them.

    What I do is hold on to the thing I care most…my baby sister. I imagine her future. I imagine her walking down the aisle. And I imagine me not being there.

    So all I’m saying is, although your poem is beautiful, your blood is worth more than your tears. Cry all you want, but remember there’s always a chance tomorrow will be better.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I, too, think about that million dollar question: what would life be without me here? I tend to use that as a way of reassurance that so many people need me and I need them too. Thanks for the encouragement! – Phoenix.


      1. Well your name is Phoenix, so I gather you know about the mythological bird. I have a tattoo on my arm…that’s my encouragement. No matter how many times I burst into flames and feel myself dying (figuratively), my failure changes me and I’m reborn. So one day, maybe I’ll be reborn happy. I wish you the best.

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    1. hi! and welcome! Thanks for reading this post. Yes of course I love the support from my followers I’d love to support you as well.
      Sending positive vibes your way – Phoenix.


  2. I feel exactly the same way you do sometimes. Especially where you said you want to ruin out and evaporate I have prayed to every God for that. But I hope you don’t feel like that for much longer. I’m sorry you have mental illnesses because I do not wish my curse upon anyone and I hope you completely get out of it or learn to love life with it and find people who will support you.

    Love Marra x

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