The Soar

July 13th, 2014  11:51 PM

It is time for me
To spread my Motherly wings
And become one
With the Morning sky.

It is time for me
To bid a fond Adieu
To the commodities
That tie me down directly
To this Earth.

It is time for me
To give birth
And give a piece
Of myself to the meandering souls
Who cannot behold
Or find the time
To focus on their life
Which is currently on hold.

It is time for me
To soar.

The day I come in contact
With a Category 5 storm
Or a colossal tree
Standing right in front of me,
I shall and will remain calm;
Open my frail wings
And fly above the halt
In my path.

The day my wings become feeble
And cannot fly through
The eye of the storm,
I shall and will take a rest and heal;
I shall and will not appeal
My emotions and cause a random commotion.
I will tweet my notion
For the nation to hear.

The day my beak cannot sneak a peak
To peck the neck
Of the one who holds the key
To unlock my soul,
I shall and will use my shattered beak
To feed the hungry souls of the meek.

When my two feet cannot find
The true reason to no longer stand
Or the urge to wait for the other birds
To hurry up to beat the approaching storm,
I shall and will be patient;
Seek tranquility to find my inner patience
In the white Cherubic clouds above.

It is time for me
To stop hiding
And come out from under the burrow.
It it time for me
To leave the nest,
Take a rest,
To find my best
When my mind tries to mess
And put me through a troublesome test.

Yes, the nest is my home.
It is because of the nest
I can be on my own.
I am stronger,
And healthier than ever before.
It is because of the nest
My wings now have the precious strength
To rise up and soar;
Above the closed door
Who tells me to count to four
Then shut the door
On the weak;
This time around
I shall and will put a bolt
In the door
In order to be the soar.

I am ready to spread my
Pretty little wings
And soar;
To soar and touch the lives of
The other broken birds
I encounter along the way.
I shall and will not take the soar forever alone.

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