Enriching Erich: A Poem for Erich

July 20th, 2014  10:30 AM

We met in our first year;
My initial contact
Was with your left ear.
I only heard you
At the volume of my silent tear.
You were a short distance away
From my inner fear.
But your words traveled a mile
To reach my invisible style.

Your lips were earnestly enticing.
It was that first part of you
My puny eyes found mesmerizing.
It took us awhile
To greet each other
With a grandiosity hearty smile.

I turned warm on the inside;
My heart was beating out of touch.
It was far too much
For my feeble soul to crunch.

I liked you on the fly;
Was secretly obsessed with you
But only in disguise.
You encouraged me to take off
My maladaptive mask
And reveal to you my authentic cast.

You did not feel
The beating of
My perished heart
Which was in synced
With the engine of your

Melodramatic cart.

I wanted to say goodbye
To the ones who hurt me
In order to be with you.
Because I knew within
That first moment
You were going to be mine;
But you were all too fine
For my idiotic liking.

Despite the fact
You biked in style
To surprise me on
My very special day

I remember it all too distinctly
As if it were just yesterday.

This feeling seemed
All good to be true.
So I decided to bid you
A pure fond Adieu;
To going with the flow
Later on to find out
I lit the torch to blow away
What was supposed to be mine:

You were always far too kind;
My impulsive self
Ignored your delicate mind
And pushed you out of my psychotic mind.

I pushed you far into the distance
Away from what you had no idea
You were exactly connected to;
A demented,
Daddy’s Little Princess.
I was not your Queen
Hence, why I was so mean.
But your love was so enriching-ly seen .

I yearned for your warmth
Both night and day.
The moments I spent thinking of you
Wanting to be with you
Simply took my discreet breath away.

I could not accept
The chance
To live without you.
There was something about you
That enlightened
My mind,
And sassy soul.

You gave me life,
But I forced you to walk
Out of the thinking of mine.

You were so divine;
Your embrace was so enriching-ly fine
I could do almost anything under the sun
To gain back
What should have been mine.

I wanted to take the spare gun
And blow my psychotic brains out
To prove to you
My enriching-ly love for you,
To you.

I was eerie,
And troublesome,
The Mademoiselle you could not,
Would not,
Did not
Want to show off to your famed friends.

I mocked your actions
And created a precarious sanction
To sacrifice my bipolar life for you.

To prove to you that I, too, am worthy like the other magnificent women in your life.

I made a noose to hang from the tree where we first locked our juvenile eyes;
To prove to you that I, too, am beautiful like the other gracious women in your life.

To prove to you that I, too, am down-to-earth like the other well-put-together women in your life.

To prove to you that I, too, am sane like the other good-head-on-their-shoulder women in your life.

But it was all too late
For me to win you back;
You took several steps back
Because of my propitious tact.

So I decided to walk to the edge
To jump off the frail ledge
To watch you and your current lover
From the flowery hedge.
The one who won your enriching heart;
The one I lost my enriching-ly battle to
From the start.

As my savaged soul
Turned into pathetic dust,
For you to watch
My ashes twirl
Into the midnight dusk;
To became one
With the chilled
Daunting dirt
Underneath the enriching Earth
For you two to walk
Merrily upon
All because I lost the chance
To give you a fair chance
To distinguish the enriching-ly
Enhanced personality of me.

Simple because
I forced you to astray
To not get to know
The bona fide
Of me.

You made me whole;
You made me complete;
You made me rich;
You made me seek the minor pinch
I tucked away
Within a hidden finch.

And for this I have to say
I miss you
My Enduring
Enriching Erich.

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