Chit-Chat with The Phoenix

Hello Phoenix followers!

First, I would like to say a hearty thank you to you all for your support, feedback, and comments on my blog entries.  I really do appreciate the emails from those of you who check in on me and want to know a little more about my story. I am very open in my decision to discuss my mental illness in hopes to raise awareness and bring such a serious issue like suicide to the forefront.

Here is my email: Feel free to check in, chit-chat, or email to discuss mental health issues.

A friend of mine also introduced me to an app called where users can ask anonymous questions about a person. I’ve created an account, you do not have to be a user to ask me a question, where my blog followers can ask me questions ranging from my views on life to my favorite color essentially almost anything. Click here to ask Phoenix a question! Maybe I will compose some interesting questions into a future blog entry!

Continue to be strong, fight, and stay true to yourself.

Sending positive vibes your way!



11 thoughts on “Chit-Chat with The Phoenix”

  1. In no way do I think that Ask,fm site will be used in a negative way for how you are using it… but just as an interesting fact – it actually is used quite often in middle schools and high schools to bully kids since it is anonymous. There are actually cases of kids attempting and actually committing suicide because of the bullying that was done through there (on there as well as in person). I just thought it was interesting since we were talking about mental health and sometimes the site can actually affect someone’s mental health! Depending on how it is used of course!


    1. Excellent thought that I didn’t think of but I’ve heard and read stories about that. So far that has no happened I’ll be scanning the questions. It’s funny when we think of bullying I was bullied by notes in my lockers. Let’s hope i handle the questions and answer at my discretion.


  2. You are very welcome. I’m glad to experience the same struggle in understanding and communication that shoots towards a better world.

    Thanks for continuing to explore this.


    1. I signed up so I could follow you and I’m going to offer it in my blog too! Thank you for offering/sharing this resource, Phoenix!


  3. May I ask which mental illness plagues you? I personally suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder and too would like to raise awareness. I’m glad I found your blog. I think you are wonderful.


  4. Hey Phoenix…. Not feeling the vibes today! Today is not a good day. Am on here looking for inspiration, but I have to find that within myself. And today I just don’t feel it.. Don’t know what I feel at the moment to be honest, or whether I can trust what I am feeling; which is as if I’m trapped in a black sack and am trying to claw my way back out to normalcy! Not good at all today: but I’ll keep reading and see if I can find inspiration on your site.. edel.

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    1. Hi Placid’s place I am sorry to hear about how you are feeling. I know exactly how you feel I’ve had some days like that this past week. If you ever need someone to chit chat with I am available and willing to listen. Hope you get well I am here for you always – Phoenix


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