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The Plague

July 3rd, 2014 12:10 pm

Darkness is upon me.
It clouds around my flesh
consuming my spirit.
Clawing at my chest
gnawing at my soul
and burning down the walls that protect my heart.
I’ve entered the plague.

It walks right through me,
trampling my precious organs.
It releases its viral disease
into my bloodstream shutting down my
life line : the liver.
My liver secretes self-destruction
into the bile
aiding the digestion of
and emptiness.

The diseases attack my body.
Shifting the protective layer of my brain.
My dura is no longer durable.
My limbic system is in limbo.
The plague has taken over my intellectual capacity
to control my thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
It strikes the hope in me
and reveals that there is no desire to be alive.
It instills in my mind
that there is only one way out;
to let the plague be a continuous
epidemic in my life.