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Last Breath – June 18th, 2014 9:02 pm

June 18th, 2014 9:02 pm

The day you allow others to stand in your way is the day you allow yourself to fall. You must prevail to your last breath. Failure is not an option. – Michael Kilby.

Failure is an option.
For me.
I will not settle for something less than myself.
I will allow others to stand in my way.
I don’t have enough oxygen to spare to tell the world to leave me alone.
I want to fall
fall tragically to my death and awake against the feather wing of my motherly guardian angel.
I must not prevail.
I am already taking my last breath.
I only have one thing to say:
It’s more than one word.
It’s seven important words that mean a lot to me.

You cannot separate me from my joy. It may not be your joy.
But it sure is mine.
The only thing that will make me happy will be the cold dirt that is thrown on top of my blue chilled face atop with red roses to symbolize my cold blood.
I do not need your oxygen to save my last breath.
Just let me go in peace.
Do not waste something that is so precious to you on someone as petty like me.
Take your oxygen and go; run wild and free.
I’ll blow my last breath to you while
hanging from this tree.