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Death Upon A Midnight Star

July 26, 2014  12:44 PM

I want to make love, become one underneath the midnight sun.
Cry painless, yet toxic tears while my hair is tied up in a secured simple sunset bun.
Please hold my delicate flowery lethargic hand.
Wrap it up into a rigid rough rubber-band.
Tie a Ladybug noose around my freckled neck;
Give me a kiss to ease the peck.
Watch me stand on top of the world with my holy hands held high to control the hurl;
I point my knightly knife towards the midnight sky and stab the silver lining projected upon my virgin soul.
I bellow a fond good-bye to the star raised above my naked brow.
I begin to howl at the moon to put a halt to granting me prosperity and longevity.
I am rightfully sorry, but it is time for me to French kiss this cold lonesome World a gingerly good-bye.
I do not belong here;
There is not a precious spacious space created for me to have a decent chilled beer.
So I fear the shadows;
I fear the gold;
I am ready to behold what lies behind the pearly white door.
Open the gates
Close the fate
It is time for me to runaway and escape;
Get laodicean-ly lost in my deadly saint.
It is time for me to wish my death upon a midnight star.

On The Edge

July 12, 2014  10:15 PM

I am standing on the edge;
Please, stand back
And watch me fall;
To the depths of my psychotic soul.
To find the frantic place that sells the key
To unlock my inner hidden peace.

Although it seems to be ten feet too far away,
Stay away;
If you come any closer,
I will take a step closer to the ledge;
Which will take me to the hedge
To protect me from the ones
Who stole the joy from my prosperous soul.

Let the shrubs grow around me
And swallow me hole;
So I can become bold
And rise from the mold
To enter my hold in the clouds.
Let me stay in the clouds
And remain in the clouds
To yell my pain to the clouds.

While I am high in the sky,
I want to say a jocular goodbye
To the petty lies
Which lies below
The depths of my psychotic soul.

Beware, I must be alone;
I do not need your phone to call home;
I must go alone.

Stay away;
If you come any closer
I will jump
To my future home
Waiting for me below.

Even up here I am standing on the edge;
Please, stand back
And watch me fall,
Three thousand feet to catch my call.
I pledged my soul
To be with the ones
Who lost their battle to the treason

And found their inner reason
To say “Au Revior” this fair season.

As I approach the edge,
Getting closer to jump off the ledge,
Stand with me
And help me burn the hedge;
Rise with me above the stems
That are pulling me closer to the edge.