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Phoenix Encouragement Cards!

September 17, 2014  5:03 PM

Hello Phoenix Followers!

I am looking to take my mental health awareness advocacy to the next level in hopes to raise awareness not only locally, but internationally. To do so, I would like to mail out ~50 Phoenix Encouragement Cards to my followers to show my love, care, and support during your recovery and mental health journey.

Send me an email at phoenixtherebirth042013@gmail.com with the following:

  • Name & Address
  • Short bio about yourself (interest, career, favorite color/song etc. almost anything!)
  • 150-250 words about your mental health story and/or diagnosis (Whatever you are comfortable sharing with me)

Included with the card you will also receive a custom-made wristband bracelet I designed that says: “URLOVED. Speak UP. Speak Out. Save a life” that you can wear to remind yourself that you are always loved.

My goal is to have the letters mailed out by Mid-November. The last day to submit the information above is Friday October 3rd, 2014.  If you have any questions about the cards please feel free to contact me directly.

It is my passion to help others and I know there are some out there who do not have a strong support network during difficult times. The purpose of these personalized cards is to give you an extra source of support and encouragement you can always look at during your relapses or downfalls.

Thank you all for your support & I cannot wait to mail out Phoenix Encouragement Cards!

Much love, 


Raise mental health awareness. Stop the stigma. Save a life.


Chit-Chat with The Phoenix

Hello Phoenix followers!

First, I would like to say a hearty thank you to you all for your support, feedback, and comments on my blog entries.  I really do appreciate the emails from those of you who check in on me and want to know a little more about my story. I am very open in my decision to discuss my mental illness in hopes to raise awareness and bring such a serious issue like suicide to the forefront.

Here is my email: phoenixtherebirth042013@gmail.com. Feel free to check in, chit-chat, or email to discuss mental health issues.

A friend of mine also introduced me to an app called Ask.fm where users can ask anonymous questions about a person. I’ve created an account, you do not have to be a Ask.fm user to ask me a question, where my blog followers can ask me questions ranging from my views on life to my favorite color essentially almost anything. Click here to ask Phoenix a question! Maybe I will compose some interesting questions into a future blog entry!

Continue to be strong, fight, and stay true to yourself.

Sending positive vibes your way!