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“Be the bird not the tree.”

Be the bird not the tree.

On my brief travels up to Boston I came across several trees along the roads I drove. This short saying came to mind and something I plan to live by and what to share with others. “Be the bird not the tree.” I like to think of a tree like ones resting spot and bears the home and problems of others (i.e. the birds). Who does the tree go to when it is struggling and afraid to be cut down by a local tree cutter?


Everyone knows the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” Birds flock and call on one another while resting on the tree. This scenario resembles my personality and what I tend to do when I get caught in a stressful situation. I usually act like the tree, posted up, quietly, standing waiting to be pooped on and with the weight of the other “birds” (i.e. people) problems. I don’t want to be the tree. I don’t want to be some else resting spot while I suffer. Here I stand too with problems of my own and I ignore them to solve the ones of others. So I stand there for a while. A long long time waiting until a branch snaps and breaks unexpectedly and now I am dying on the inside. The trunk cannot store anymore water and the leaves are too dry to grow. Now it is shriveled up and useless. That is how I feel at times too useless, but I want to be the bird now. I want to chirp and live my life freely instead of posting all of my issues on the tree.